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日本語によるチュートリアルは「すくすくスクイーク」「Fun Fun Fun Squeak !!」などをご覧ください。

Etoys, Tutorials & Other Goodies

Etoys are computer environments that help people learn ideas by building and playing around with them. They help an "omniuser"?usually a child?create a satisfying and enjoyable computer model of the idea and give hints for how the idea can be expanded. SimStories are longer versions of Etoys that?like essays?string several ideas together to help the learner produce a deeper and more concerted project. A good motto for Etoys and SimStories is: We make, not just to have, but to know. Another motto that applies here is: Doing with images makes symbols. That is, the progression of learning moves from kinesthetic interactions with dynamic images to a symbolic expression of the idea.

-- "Etoys and SimStories in Squeak" by Alan Kay


Etoys and Simstories in Squeak

Written by Alan Kay, this article explains the background and design goals behind Etoys


A Glossary of Etoy Vocabulary

Excerpted from "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom Using Squeak to Enhance Math and Science Learning", study this glossary and you'll be speaking Squeak in no time (presented in PDF format).

Quickstart Guide  

The Etoy Quickstart Guide

This short document is filled with valuable tips on how to use many of Squeaks' powerful features. Preview it now and print it out at your leisure.

You will have the most success if you go through these tutorials in this sequence: Paint, Handles, Make your own car.

Painting Tutorial

The Etoy will teach you how to work with the Painting Palette.

Handles Tutorial

The Etoy will teach you how to use the handles on Etoy objects and what each of these handles can do.

Make your own Car

The Etoy will teach you how to make your own car and learn to drive it. It will familiarize you with many of the common interface elements in Squeak.

Etoy template  

Make your own Etoy

Ready to build your own etoy from scratch?