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Ted Kaehler was a member of the "original" Smalltalk team at Xerox PARC from 1974 to 1985 under Alan Kay. He built the OOZE virtual memory which swapped 64K objects in and out of an 80Kb swapping space. Besides working on many system methods in early Smalltalks, Ted built an early painting system, the interface for the TWANG FM music system, the "explain" feature, and the LOOM virtual memory.

Ted moved to Apple Computer where he worked as a member of the HyperCard team. Then he contributed to the Vivarium project under Alan Kay. He worked on the Squeak system from its beginning in 1996 with Apple, later moving with Alan and the group to the Walt Disney Company.

In Squeak, Ted built the garbage collector, the Object Storage system, the PaintBox, FTP in Squeak, and a bunch of sample EToys. He is an avid user of Morphic graphics, and works on extending the Squeak Wiki server. Ted maintains the Squeak homepage at UIUC.