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Alan Kay and Roxie Maloney in Kyoto, Japan, February 2003 at the Education of the Future Conference. A kick-off event for the 3-year ALAN-K project introducing Squeak into Kyoto schools. Alan has just presented "Squeak Pilot" certificates to 5th and 6th graders and is wearing a "happi" coat with the Squeak mouse on the back and a Horikawa High School headband which have been presented to him by the Japanese Squeakers.
Roxanne Maloney

Roxie is the Squeak Team's guide in Japan and has been building bridges for them there since Squeak's inception, including the first Squeak workshop for children in Japan held at CAMP-Kyoto in May 2002, documented in SQUEAKERS, the film.

She is Principal of Silicon Valley-Japan Connections. Fluent in Japanese language and culture, Roxie is dedicated to bridge-building and being a catalyst to win-win projects. She was the first American product designer at Sony and then studied management at Stanford Business School. At Kyoto University, she researched new product development in Japanese consumer electronics firms and wrote case studies on Sony, Canon, Yamaha, Sharp, and others which are sold through Harvard Business School and the Design Management Institute. Roxie loves encouraging creativity and often uses improv theatre games in team building. Roxie graduated from Stanford with degrees in Business (MBA), Product Design Engineering (BS), Japanese (BA) and East Asian Studies (MA). As a Rotary Exchange Student and Fulbright Scholar, she has lived in Japan for 7 years, making friends and learning first hand how the Japanese run their homes, schools, and businesses. Along with Viewpoints Research Institute, her clients include: IDEO Product Development, Naoto Fukasawa Design, NTT DoCoMo, ReplayTV, Interval Research Corporation, Palm Computing, Panasonic, Sharp, NEC, Canon, Sony, Epson, Yamaha, Stanford, UC Santa Cruz, Bay Area Theatresports, and TV Asahi.