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The Squeak Community
We're a wide range of Squeakers - an international community spanning the world from Spain to Germany to the US to Japan, and ranging in age from kindergarten to the 90's and comprising educators using Squeak in classrooms, kids playing and building with Squeak on their own, and programmers and scientists using Squeak to develop a variety of commercial and educational projects.
Visit Join the Community for information about the Squeak mailing list and to get or stay in touch with other Squeakers. Links will take you to many different sites - mainly educational - featuring Squeak.

A visit to Squeak Genesis introduces you to the minds behind this new computer language and way of doing things. Squeak Central is located in Southern California at a nonprofit headed by Alan Kay and Kim Rose called Viewpoints Research.
Mentors and Advisors will introduce some of the great thinkers in education, computers and philosophy upon whose work Squeak is based.