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Squeak Genesis
(L to R, Alan Kay, Pat Brecker, Dan Ingalls, Scott Wallace, Ted Kaehler, John Maloney, Kim Rose and Andreas Raab. Not pictured - Mike Rueger).

SQUEAK didn't happen by itself. It's the product of a number of years of work of a small core group of Squeakers, most of whom are pictured above. Three of the group - Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, and Ted Kaehler -met at Xerox PARC in the early 70s and, with only a few gaps, have worked together for many of the intervening years: at PARC, Apple, Disney and now at Hewlett-Packard..

Scott Wallace worked at Apple on the LISA, then with Dan on Fabrik (Dan's iconic programming system), and then with Alan's "Vivarium" school project.

John Maloney was a "graduate student of a graduate student" of Alan's, was a principal member of the SELF group at Sun, and then joined Apple to work with Alan's Learning Concepts Group.

Andreas Raab and Mike Rueger were graduate students at the University of Magdeburg in East Germany. They found Squeak on the Internet and Mike encouraged Andreas to do the Windows and NT ports. Andreas joined the group in '98 and Mike followed shortly after.

Kim Rose joined Alan's Vivarium project in 1986 at Apple and has worked on his educational projects since. Pat Brecker is an assistant to Alan and Kim and joined the Squeak Team in November '96.

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