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Kyoto Conference on Squeak

On Sunday, October 5, 2003, over 300 teachers, students, researchers and developers gathered in Kyoto to spend a day dedicated to talks and sharing about Squeak, curriculum development, best practices and new Squeak media. The day began with an inspirational talk by Mr. Horiba, founder of a large software company, who believes firstly that if there is no joy in work it is not worthwhile. He is another believer of "hard fun"! Next Alan was introduced and welcomed by Masao Terazawa, Chairman & CEO of Hewlett-Packard Japan. Alan and Kim gave a talk and demo sharing the latest ideas and examples of online collaborative learning environments. In the afternoon two Japanese authors, Thoru Yamamoto and Ayami Saito shared their newly published books on Squeak. Later Yamamoto, Saito and Rose had a "book signing party" so the days' attendees might get their books autographed by the authors.

L - Kyoto Conference Poster / R- Thoru Yamamoto signing his book, "Play with Squeak!"

Japanese Students Embrace Squeak!

On October 10th Squeakers Alan, Kim, Roxanne Maloney and Yoshiki Ohshima visited Horikawa High School in Kyoto, Japan. The students presented them with not only a variety of Squeak-based projects but also with a formal tea ceremony.

Kyoko, age 15, shown here busily at work on her laptop, shared her Etoy about Japanese living and culture. This beautiful Etoy allows its user to navigate an animated butterfly using a joystick. As the butterfly is flown around the house it reveals hidden explanations to parts of the house and the items within. "Visitors" to the house can learn about ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) the tokonoma (the recessed area which holds the scroll and flower arragement), shoji screens and other items.

The Horikawa students were recently introduced to Squeak by their teacher, Takeshi Fujioka. Fujioka-sensei is one of many Kyoto school teachers who has chosen to integrate Squeak into his classroom curriculum and will be developing high school level projects for his and other students.

The efforts at Horikawa High School are just part of the "ALAN-K" (Advanced LeArning Network in Kyoto ) or Kyoto Schools Project which is now underway in its first full school year.Viewpoints Research staff and consultants will return to Kyoto for curriculum design meetings ("C4" - Curriculum, Curriculum, Curriculum, Curriculum) and workshops at the end of January 2004.