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New Squeak Book is Released

On August 20th, the long awaited release of a new book by B.J. Allen-Conn and Kim Rose sent waves of excitement through the Squeak community.

In "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom: Using Squeak to Enhance Math and Science Learning", BJ and Kim introduce the "Etoy" component of Squeak and several example projects. These projects are mostly geared toward teachers and learners grades 3-8, but all teachers can use this book as an intro to Squeak and to jumpstart new ideas for their classrooms.

Kim Rose is the Executive Director of Viewpoints Research Institute and a project manager at HP Labs. B.J. Allen-Conn and her students at The Open Charter School in Los Angeles have been doing ground-breaking work bringing Squeak into the classroom for the past 3 years. Alan Kay provides a most thoughtful afterword to this spendid work.

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