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Summer Squeakfest 03, co-sponsored by The Interactive Multimedia and Early Childhood Education Programs at Columbia College in cooperation with Viewpoints Research was held August 6-8. Wade Roberts and Carol Ann Stowe coordinated the event and Columbia College played host, providing great facilities before the stunning backdrop of Chicago. Fifty Squeakers from around the world attended and enjoyed presentations by, Sebastian Hergott and Sholom Eisenstat from Don Mills Middle School, Randall Caton from the NASA Center for Distance Learning, and Les Rubenfeld, Aliya Holmes and colleagues from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute among others.

Squeak Central experts Mike Rueger and David Smith gave a stimulating demo which provided the group with a glimpse into the future of Squeak.

The group agreed that SqueakFest '03 was the first of many to come! We may gather again in Boston, Toronto or who knows where next time....stay tuned in!

Comments included:

If parents and teachers can turn to Squeak to help them out with things they have to do, they'll be more likely to turn to Squeak when they wish to communicate concepts & processes. - Darius Clark
More Pictures and information here.

Pictured here: Randall Caton talking to the group about how scientists work -- constructing, decontructing and reconstructing -- and why Squeak serves this methodology well.