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Squeak goes to Spain

The LinEx project:

Alan Kay, Andreas Raab and Kim Rose visited Extremadura, Spain on January 12 and 13th. Extremadura is near to Portugal and is the poorest of all the Spanish provinces.

LinEx Team HQ, Merida, Spain.

Because the region is poor, it is eligible for European Union government funds to help build. The LinEx (Linux/Extremadura) project has used these funds to install computers in every secondary school in the region.
60,000 desktop computers are now installed and networked in Extremadura high schools. All machines are Linux based. The LinEx project will use only free software in their schools and adult education community centers.

Our hosts and key Squeak liasons (from left)
Jesus Rubio, Paco Huertas, Jose Redrejo, Diego Gomez Deck .

Alan meets the LinEx technical team.

The Extremadura schools have started to use Squeak within the LinEx project.
"Small-Land" a group devoted to promoting the use of Squeak in the Spanish-speaking community around the world, has enabled them to install Squeak on all of the machines in secondary school classrooms throughout the region.
Alan, Kim and Andreas met with Minister of Education, Luis Millan Vazquez Miguel and Vice-Minister, Carlos Castro Castro. They were briefed on the planning and strategy for getting students and teachers around the region online.
Alan confers with Luis Vazquez de Miguel, the Minister of Education for the Extremadura region.

LinEx networked classroom.

The group saw a typical classroom and reviewed some teacher-created Squeak projects. The LinEx project team have begun offering teacher workshops to teach Squeak and show examples of how it might be used in the classroom curriculum.

Alan spoke to an audience of nearly 300 teachers, parents, administrators, and university students and faculty demonstrating how Squeak might be used to amplify learning.

Diego Gomez-Deck interprets audience questions.

The two teams with Vice Minister of Education, Carlos Castro-Castro. (standing 4th from left)

We are excited about this project and its prospects! Two members of the LinEx team will travel to Japan for the "C5" Conference (January 28-29) to present a paper and share their work with Squeakers from Japan and around the world.