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Squeak in Elementary School

BJ Allen-Conn has used Squeak as part of her math and science curriculum with her 4th and 5th grade students at the Open Charter School in Los Angeles for two years. Her classroom has been a lab for the Squeak development team. In the Spring of 2000, 21 of BJ's students created a variety of simulations using Squeak. This year, BJ has chosen to have all 64 of her students use Squeak for the entire school year.

Take the guided tour


Click on the image to take a guided tour of the experience at the Open Charter School authored within Squeak.

Written by Kim Rose and BJ Conn, and of course the kids!
Check'em out The following is a short selection of projects done by kids at the Open Charter School. If you would like to see more of these projects, try the guided tour above or go to our project swiki.


Lauren's Flamingo: A two-frame animation.


Sam's Face Ball: A multi-frame animation.


Chyan & Janae's RoboCars: A feedback example.


Jeremy's Game: A maze game.


Sam's Squeak Game: Another maze game.


Superman Maze: A maze game combining joystick control and multi-frame animation.