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このページにあるプロジェクトを見るには英語版のスクイーク が必要です。


Squeak in the University

At Georgia Tech, Squeak is used both visibly and invisibly. Some 150-200 Sophomores learn Squeak in their required introduction to object-oriented design every term, in the first Squeak-using undergraduate class in the world. The Squeak-using CS students tackle a large team-based project, such as a personalized newspaper drawn from Web news sites, or a cross-platform MIDI/MP3 jukebox. The invisible Squeak is in the Squeak-based "Swiki" servers used by literally thousands of students at Georgia Tech. A dozen servers across campus run Squeak to provide Swikis for classes in Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, English Composition, History, Computer Science, and other disciplines.

Two interesting examples of the use of Swikis can be found at
* http://herring.cc.gatech.edu:8080/trescool (the neatest Swiki uses, in Architecture)
* http://swiki.cc.gatech.edu:8080 (the largest Swiki server at GA Tech)