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Reading list compiled by Alan Kay

Books Designed for Kids and Teachers

Powerful Ideas in the Classroom
Using Squeak to Enhance Math and Science Learning

by BJ Allen-Conn and Kim Rose
with Afterword by Alan Kay

Price: $18.95 (Shipping and handling included)

This "how to" project book includes 12 Etoy projects in a sequential curriculum that explore powerful ideas such as feedback, increase-by, acceleration and gravity. Also included are several off-computer activities to amplify the computer-based projects. Projects are tied to state and national standards and frameworks in math and science. Best suited for learners grades 3-8.

See an excerpt:

"Powerful Ideas" is also available thru:


by Thoru Yamamoto with supervision by Kazuhiro Abe

At present this book is available only in Japanese. We would love to see an English translation soon. The vibrant, playful and whimsical imagery in this volume makes it a must for teachers and students regardless of language.

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By Ayami Saito

"Squeak Classroom" is another Japanese-language introduction to Squeak. It is both a manual and project book written by teacher, Amiya Saito. It was designed and written for teachers and children and can serve as a great introduction to help you get started creating Etoys and other proejcts.

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Books for Designers and Developers

Squeak: Object Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications

By Mark Guzdial

The primary goal of this book is to help the reader create multimedia projects in Squeak. The book helps with other goals, too, but the reader-as-student is the primary audience here. "Student" will get swapped for "reader" in many places. The structure of this book is aimed at the undergraduate computer science student, though the content is more generally on multimedia projects in Squeak.

Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia

By Mark Guzdial, Kim Rose

Written by the leading experts in the worldwide Squeak community, this book assembles a compelling vision of what programming can be. Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia is the only book on Squeak that addresses the advanced features for the student, researcher, multimedia developer, open source developer, hobbyist, and the professional.

Squeak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia

By Mark Guzdial, Kim Rose

Japanese Language Edition.

Squeak: A Quick Trip to Objectland

By Gene Korienek, Tom Wrensch, Doug Dechow

Tutorial provides a complete introduction to SQUEAK and advanced topics for programmers interested in mastering the language and implementing programming solutions with it. Softcover. CD-ROM included.


Squeak: A Quick Trip to Objectland (Japanese Edition)

Translated by Prof. Kazunori Sugahara, and Mr. Gen Suzuki. Edition supervised by Kazuhiro Abe.

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Squeak (In French)

By X. Briffault and Stèphane Ducasse

This book presents Squeak: the Open Source and Multimedia Smalltalk. It presents the multimedia, net, and 3d capacities of Squeak. Then the language is presented as well as advanced tools such as the Refactoring Browser and SUnit.