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Etoy Project Guide
Compact Booklet

BJ Conn, from the Los Angeles Open Charter School, offers a cool way to make project guide booklets. You can download and print a PDF version of these instructions.

Begin by downloading the PDF file for the booklet you want to make, and printing the pages in a landscape layout.

This is the finished product folded into a very cool compact form.

When unfolded it reveals all of the steps for creating an etoy project.

Begin by cutting the pages to size using the trim marks provided.

Lay out the trimmed page face up.

Fold the top down.

Make a sharp crease.

Fold the left side over to the right.

Crease it well.

Fold the lower left corner over to the upper right and make another sharp crease.


Refold using the diagonal creases as guides.

Flatten it well. Repeat this process on all the remaining pages.

Put glue or tape on the empty corner (the step number will still be visible).

Glue the corner with the corresponding step number onto the prepared page.

Repeat the process until you have assembled all the pages.

Now carefully fold the assembly using the diagonal folds as guides until they create a single folded square.

You can glue on a cover of your own design to the front and back and keep these project booklets in a convenient place for future study. Keep on Squeaking!!

  Printable PDF Version