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Squeakland FAQ!


Plugin FAQ
  1. What happens when I download Squeak on my computer?
    When you run the download/installation, Squeak and a Squeak "Plug-In" (like Shockwave, Flash, Quicktime) will be installed on your computer. A visible alias or shortcut will be provided so you can launch Squeak and run it "locally" on your machine if you are not connected to the internet. If you are on the internet and go to a site that contains active Squeak "projects" clicking on those projects will activate Squeak so that the project becomes fully interactive.
  2. Does Squeak run on my machine?
    Please consult the "supported" page.
  3. Does my web browser support Squeak?
    Again, please consult the "supported" page.
  4. Can I use Squeak if my web browser does not support Squeak?
    Yes, you can by running it standalone (see below).
  5. Can I run Squeak without using a web browser (standalone)?
    Yes: You can run Squeak standalone by launching it from the shortcut on your desktop.
    You can then access the projects on squeakland through the "find" button in the navigation bar at the bottom left of the screen.


Projects and eToys FAQ
  1. What can I create with Squeak?
    The creative unit in Squeak is a "Project". Projects can contain text, graphics (2 dimensional or 3D!), sound and music, animated objects, or scanned pictures and photos. The starting point in Squeak is with a blank or new Project.
  2. What's the best way to get started?
    Start with the tutorials to learn how to author your own projects.
    Take a look at some of the projects on Squeakland.
    The "Kids Galleries" (here and here) contain projects that you can play with. You can examine the objects and scripts in these projects to see how they were constructed.
  3. Where do my projects go when I publish them?
    That depends on what you selected in the blue save dialog and whether you are on a Mac or Windows. You may want to have a look at the more detailed explanation.